Privileged and Powered

Let’s talk politics; a sensitive topic for some but one of my favorite things to talk about. Politics are great in my eyes as they give everyone a voice, or at least the ability to have a voice. Here’s the problem though, most people don’t have the same opinion that I have on the subject and would rather skip this topic of conversation or only speak about it on a surface level. This is simply not enough. Whether you like it or not 2016 was a very important year in politics and 2017 will surely be another very important year as well. In less than ten days there will be a change of leadership from President Obama to President Elect Trump. While some people are terrified for this day and even more terrified for what’s to come the next four years after it, others are excited and can’t wait for the door to kick Obama on the way out. That’s what is so great about our country, we have the right to freedom and we all have the right to our own thoughts and opinions unless they infringe on another’s.

Now I do lump myself in the category of humans who would love to stop the Obama’s from leaving The Oval Office if I could. However, I will NOT deny my privilege. As a white, female, college student I automatically have more doors opened for me than most and I have less to be afraid of than most during a Trump presidency. This does not diminish the fears I do have, nor does it lessen them just because others have more to be afraid of than I do. I also do not have the most privilege considering I’m not a rich, white, old man but that’s okay. What I can do with the platforms and opportunities that I do have is speak my mind, become an ally and most importantly get off my ass and make a difference.

Here’s the thing, if you don’t like the direction this nation is headed politically go out and be the change. I know it’s a cliché but seriously the most radical change in history has come from groups of people who were pushed and pushed and fought back for what they believed in. Hello Women’s Suffrage, The Civil Rights Movement and worker’s rights! Those changes only happened because a group of people got together and said we will not take this shit anymore. Granted, those words probably weren’t exactly used but you get the point. This generation needs to become the badass generation who fights for women’s reproductive rights, LGBT rights, and helps deal with global warming. We cannot just sit around and wait for four years because there will have been too much damage done unless we start to get on the defensive attack now. So I challenge you to get out in the real world and help make a difference, even if the changes coming don’t personally hinder your life; become an ally and help others. A privileged white guy can certainly be the face of feminism if he uses his platforms that others do not have to get their voices heard. If you feel passionately about something use your voice. Seriously. It’s even as easy as switching a monthly subscription for something to donating that money for a cause you believe in. We can make a huge difference as long as we work together and work for something. I strongly believe that our generation will do great things but first we have to become the doers of the world.


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