New Years Goals


I’ve never really been one for new years resolutions, I think it’s kind of a waste considering you can change anything you want about yourself and your life no matter what time of year it is. I also can appreciate that for some people the new year offers more inspiration and a timeline to actually accomplish changing one’s self so I guess whatever floats your boat. This year I am not going to make any lofty high resolutions I feel that’s setting yourself up for failure but, I do want to set goals that once completed can be built upon they might seem stupid or unimportant but the thing about setting goals for yourself is they only have to matter for YOU. So here’s my list of goals for myself in 2017 I challenge you to make one as well and remember setting goals is only half the work.

  1. READ MORE; To elaborate I mean read more for leisure not just for assignments. I used to read books non-stop growing up and even into the early years of high school but recently in my life reading is usually just for academic purposes unless it’s a quick news article from the phone on my app or click bait link from Twitter. Anyways I’ve realized that I miss reading for pleasure so I’m setting a goal to try to read one book every two months that’s non-academic.
  2. GET MORE ACTIVE; This is a pretty cliché one and is typically one every single person’s list of resolutions but I’m not saying go to the gym and get super fit is my goal (not that that’s bad). I just know for myself that’s something I’ll stick to for a little bit and ultimately fall back on. Instead I just want to challenge myself to doing something active whether it be running, yoga, hiking and whatever else I can dream of once a week. Not only will this help my physical health but also my mental health as being active is a great stress reliever.
  3. DRINK MORE COFFEE; Wait..did I write MORE didn’t I mean less?? Nope I definitely meant to put drink more coffee. For starters this is a goal that can ultimately result in my never-ending journey to become an actual Gilmore girl and a really cool way to help me explore my city. Now when I say I want to drink more coffee I mean that if I’m going to spend five dollars on caffeine I need to spend it somewhere that’s not a big chain. (sorry Starbs and Dutch) This will be a great way for me to support local businesses while giving me new places to study at rather than the couch or the library.
  4. SAVE MORE, SPEND LESS; Yeah yeah yeah.. I know up there I just said I’m going to be spending money on coffee and now I want to save. Hello idiot one of simplest ways to do that is have your coffee at home well, that’s not what I wan to do so i’m not going to save money that way. Instead i think i’m going to try to only eat out 8 times a month so roughly 2 times per week. To also help with this whole saving thing I am going to buy less alcohol considering that is probably where a large amount of my cashflow goes and it’s not a very healthy habit anyways except its undergrad not alcoholism (;

Alright those are my goals for this year and just of r my life in general, I’ll update my progress at some point so be on the lookout for that. Also feel free to send me your goals or resolutions I would love hear them and compare!


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