Privileged and Powered

Let’s talk politics; a sensitive topic for some but one of my favorite things to talk about. Politics are great in my eyes as they give everyone a voice, or at least the ability to have a voice. Here’s the problem though, most people don’t have the same opinion that I have on the subject and would rather skip this topic of conversation or only speak about it on a surface level. This is simply not enough. Whether you like it or not 2016 was a very important year in politics and 2017 will surely be another very important year as well. In less than ten days there will be a change of leadership from President Obama to President Elect Trump. While some people are terrified for this day and even more terrified for what’s to come the next four years after it, others are excited and can’t wait for the door to kick Obama on the way out. That’s what is so great about our country, we have the right to freedom and we all have the right to our own thoughts and opinions unless they infringe on another’s.

Now I do lump myself in the category of humans who would love to stop the Obama’s from leaving The Oval Office if I could. However, I will NOT deny my privilege. As a white, female, college student I automatically have more doors opened for me than most and I have less to be afraid of than most during a Trump presidency. This does not diminish the fears I do have, nor does it lessen them just because others have more to be afraid of than I do. I also do not have the most privilege considering I’m not a rich, white, old man but that’s okay. What I can do with the platforms and opportunities that I do have is speak my mind, become an ally and most importantly get off my ass and make a difference.

Here’s the thing, if you don’t like the direction this nation is headed politically go out and be the change. I know it’s a cliché but seriously the most radical change in history has come from groups of people who were pushed and pushed and fought back for what they believed in. Hello Women’s Suffrage, The Civil Rights Movement and worker’s rights! Those changes only happened because a group of people got together and said we will not take this shit anymore. Granted, those words probably weren’t exactly used but you get the point. This generation needs to become the badass generation who fights for women’s reproductive rights, LGBT rights, and helps deal with global warming. We cannot just sit around and wait for four years because there will have been too much damage done unless we start to get on the defensive attack now. So I challenge you to get out in the real world and help make a difference, even if the changes coming don’t personally hinder your life; become an ally and help others. A privileged white guy can certainly be the face of feminism if he uses his platforms that others do not have to get their voices heard. If you feel passionately about something use your voice. Seriously. It’s even as easy as switching a monthly subscription for something to donating that money for a cause you believe in. We can make a huge difference as long as we work together and work for something. I strongly believe that our generation will do great things but first we have to become the doers of the world.


New Years Goals


I’ve never really been one for new years resolutions, I think it’s kind of a waste considering you can change anything you want about yourself and your life no matter what time of year it is. I also can appreciate that for some people the new year offers more inspiration and a timeline to actually accomplish changing one’s self so I guess whatever floats your boat. This year I am not going to make any lofty high resolutions I feel that’s setting yourself up for failure but, I do want to set goals that once completed can be built upon they might seem stupid or unimportant but the thing about setting goals for yourself is they only have to matter for YOU. So here’s my list of goals for myself in 2017 I challenge you to make one as well and remember setting goals is only half the work.

  1. READ MORE; To elaborate I mean read more for leisure not just for assignments. I used to read books non-stop growing up and even into the early years of high school but recently in my life reading is usually just for academic purposes unless it’s a quick news article from the phone on my app or click bait link from Twitter. Anyways I’ve realized that I miss reading for pleasure so I’m setting a goal to try to read one book every two months that’s non-academic.
  2. GET MORE ACTIVE; This is a pretty cliché one and is typically one every single person’s list of resolutions but I’m not saying go to the gym and get super fit is my goal (not that that’s bad). I just know for myself that’s something I’ll stick to for a little bit and ultimately fall back on. Instead I just want to challenge myself to doing something active whether it be running, yoga, hiking and whatever else I can dream of once a week. Not only will this help my physical health but also my mental health as being active is a great stress reliever.
  3. DRINK MORE COFFEE; Wait..did I write MORE didn’t I mean less?? Nope I definitely meant to put drink more coffee. For starters this is a goal that can ultimately result in my never-ending journey to become an actual Gilmore girl and a really cool way to help me explore my city. Now when I say I want to drink more coffee I mean that if I’m going to spend five dollars on caffeine I need to spend it somewhere that’s not a big chain. (sorry Starbs and Dutch) This will be a great way for me to support local businesses while giving me new places to study at rather than the couch or the library.
  4. SAVE MORE, SPEND LESS; Yeah yeah yeah.. I know up there I just said I’m going to be spending money on coffee and now I want to save. Hello idiot one of simplest ways to do that is have your coffee at home well, that’s not what I wan to do so i’m not going to save money that way. Instead i think i’m going to try to only eat out 8 times a month so roughly 2 times per week. To also help with this whole saving thing I am going to buy less alcohol considering that is probably where a large amount of my cashflow goes and it’s not a very healthy habit anyways except its undergrad not alcoholism (;

Alright those are my goals for this year and just of r my life in general, I’ll update my progress at some point so be on the lookout for that. Also feel free to send me your goals or resolutions I would love hear them and compare!

Gilmore Girls Binging

Let me preface this by saying if you’re not a GG fan you won’t enjoy this post.

So it’s winter break and I think I speak for many when I say that catching up on shows and binge watching is the plans of  resting college students. I decided to spend countless hours seeing what all the fuss about Gilmore Girls was and let me say I was not disappointed. Although I will confess I started the original series while school was still in session so over winter break I really only had about a season and a half left and then of course the Gilmore Girls revival. Well as I continued to watch Rory and Lorelai and all the other characters I became attached, they were people I related to, people I understood and felt like my friends. I have to say that the last season of the original series had some high and low points for me with Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino having left just before that season. The revival was their way of getting the last season that they hadn’t, it was supposed to be the way to end the story once and for all and give us a little vision on what our beloved Gilmore Girls had been up to for all these years. First of all let me say a lot of it was great, Stars Hollow and all of the beloved characters felt authentic because well they were. Most of the story lines felt like they meshed right in with the original seasons and at first I began to really love it. Yet as I kept watching I couldn’t help but feel disappointed who some of these characters had become like Lane…these writers never let her amount to anything other than a stay at home mom who plays with her pathetic band at a secret bar. She had so much drive and was such an integral and interesting character up until the last season of the original that I was expecting some redemption for her. Then the most important character I feel betrayed by is Rory, there are debates about if her storyline just short-handed her or if it just brought to light who she always was. Here’s my theory…this season was the Palladino’s story line for what their season seven of GG would have looked like and they tried to force it almost a decade later and it just doesn’t fit anymore. The life that Rory has being a somewhat successful but not really journalist, living her life out of boxes here there and everywhere, hooking up with an engaged Logan and snuffing her nose to job opportunities. That life sounds about right for a Rory in her early 20’s still figuring out the right way to do things, her and Logan still obviously in love with each other despite the fact that she said no to his proposal at her graduation and waiting for better job offers to strike. Except she’s 32 so instead of this scenario seeming like a little bit of a rut for our beloved Rory to get through she just seems like a disillusioned failure. So it’s not that I think Rory was turned into something she isn’t but I think the tale is being told much to late and the effect on her character is seemingly negative. Then can we move onto the her love life situation I find it hard to believe that this whimsical live wherever, go wherever Rory would have never had a one night stand until 32 sorry not buying it. There’s Logan who we I think Rory fits perfect with and I bet she’s cursing herself for not saying yes to dress with him years ago. She had to know that there’s no way a man like him would stay single especially the Logan who’s got it all together he’s a definite catch. I think viewers are quick to dislike Logan but that’s the point we saw him grow and change maybe not in his professional life or in his bank account but we saw him mature in his feelings for Rory. He’s always challenged her to be the best version of herself and has wanted nothing but the best for her. There’s Jess and here’s what I think Jess might’ve come in made Rory see some mistakes she was making thus giving her motivation to fix them but that’s it. He waltzes in asks a question or gives her some advice like “write a book” and just walks out again never seeing it through or being there for the long haul. So no Jess is not the equivalent to Lorelai’s Luke he might have some of his qualities being partially raised by him and all but I’m not that stare-eyed for him. There’s Dean who we learn got remarried and has a bunch of children with her, it’s good he got the the big loving family he deserved and that’s all we needed to see. Now let’s talk about that ending, the four words then the credits… “Mom” “Yes” “I’m pregnant”. This was supposed to symbolize everything coming full circle but here’s where it doesn’t for me… Rory is 32 her life is a mess and now she’s supposed to care for some baby and get it together like her mom did at half that age. I don’t think so like I said of this took place after Rory graduated college it would paint a much better picture she would then have the drive and will power to go get a job and figure it out and now she just seems like one of those washed up moms who will live with her parents while they help with everything. That’s not the Rory I want, that’s not the Rory I imagined yet, that’s the Rory ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ gave me.